Monday, May 13, 2019

Sample pics of New clips 'Maid battle'



Sorry for your long waiting and delay!

3 new clips on May 'Maid battle' will be available on this weekend!

2 hot girls, Ha-nul who is veteran player especially Lez battle and ssirum in former works,
and Yu-jeong who just had debut match in our latest work 'S-fight league No.005' but showed
great talent and well-built body, performed Boxing, Lez battle, and Catfight&ssirum (Korean sumo)!

프로덕션 본연의 업무가 많이 몰리는 5월의 바쁜 일정 때문에
다소 늦게 신작 소식을 전하게 되었습니다.

5월 신작 Maid battle의 3클립-복싱, 씨름, 레배 등 을 금주 주말 출시할 예정입니다.

감사합니다 ^^;