Sunday, July 19, 2020

New clips "S-fight league No.008" will be available soon!



Dear Catfight fans!

Our new clips on July 'S-fight league No.008' will be available on this week!
Ms.Sae-bom, hottest catfighter, finally made her first appearance in this league
and had heated contest against cute girl Ga-eun, who was appeared in S-fight No.6!
Round.1 S-fight No.008
Round.2 Only Pin / Scissors match (each 1 set)
Round.3 S/M queen's battle
신작 S-fight league No.008 외 2클립을 금주 중 출시 예정입니다.
자세한 일정은 출시 직전 다시 한번 공지하겠습니다.