Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Just arrived!

New clips 'Girl fight story vol.5 - The catfight in business' Just arrived!!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

behind pics of Girl fight story vol.5





These pics are behind pics with B cam, not offcial screenshots.

Greeting Catfight fans :)
New clips on September Girlfight story vol.5,
starring Chae-rin and Si-ah, legendary adult video actresses in Korea and
return to catfight scene after a long time,
will be available on around 12th September.

위 사진들은 촬영장에서 별도로 촬영한 사진으로 스크린샷이 아닙니다.

많은 팬 분들의 요청에 힘입어
오랜만에 캣파이트 씬에 복귀한 배우 채린, 시아씨가 열연한
신작 걸파이트 스토리 vol.5가 오는 12일 전후로 출시됩니다.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

New clips 'Veteran vs Rookie vol.2' coming soon!



New clips on Aug 'Veteran vs Rookie vol.2'  will be available on 1st August!
Thank you!

 8월 신작 'Veteran vs Rookie vol.2'가  오는 8월 1일 출시됩니다.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

New clip 'Grudge match vol.2' will be available tomorrow!


Grudge match vol.2 round.1 Streamer girls wrestle
Grudge match vol.2 round.2 ssirum - Winner takes it all
Grudge match vol.2 round.3 Bruma wrestle to Lezbattle

3 kinds of New clip "Grudge match" vol.2 will be available on 5th July.