Monday, April 15, 2013

Ep2 'Bunny girl special' DVD cover and screenshots

Here is the description below :
The special cospre match prepared, ambitiously!
The very hot match of charming bunny girls!
Rumi is the strong rival of MIRAE, the ace of Wind, who has the very good skill, in innocent beaty
and Hana is the cute youngest girl of,

These two girls come to head to head in the bunny girl match, using all of their skill to win, there is no way to hide.

The completion of Season 4, the fighting girls of the real beaty and passion!

Included moves - Piledriver, Tombstone piledriver, various Backbreaker, boston crab, cobra twist, camel clutch, Backdrop, suplex, bodyslam and Many submission hold and sequences!

(contains English Subtitles)
(Next ep3 will be released on 28th April)

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